If your basement is prone to flooding or moisture buildup, a drain tile is an excellent preventative measure to consider. You may be thinking, “But I already have a sump pump and an ejector pump in my basement. Isn’t that enough to prevent flooding?” Yes and no. While a sump pump will do wonders in pushing groundwater away from your house, you need a drain tile installed within the perimeter of your basement. Drain tiles are perforated pipes that are installed under the flooring, along the foundation of your basement. Groundwater collects in the drain tile pipe, which routes the water to your sump pump where it is then pumped out of and away from your home.

When your house was being built, contractors laid a concrete foundation to build upon. Concrete is very porous, and while sealants can be added to to reduce the porosity, it is almost impossible to completely waterproof. Over time, water seeps through the concrete, accumulating under your house. A drain tile pipe runs along the concrete foundation, under your basement floor, and little holes in the piping allow for water to enter the pipe. Both ends of the pipe run to your sump pump, creating a path for the water to follow. In short, drain tiles redirect the groundwater that would normally build up under your house during heavy rain or snow melt. Without a drainage tile, water accumulates underneath your basement floor, and when the water table rises too high, flooding occurs.

Hopefully you have never experienced the damaging effects of water and flooding, but if you have, you know just how destructive it can be. Water can destroy everything from your flooring to carpets, furniture, walls and personal belongings. Eventually, moisture buildup will turn to mildew and mold, which are both terrible health hazards.

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