Reducing your water use has many benefits. In addition to helping conserve water and protect your community’s water supply saving water helps you save water and energy. According to the EPA, if all U.S. households installed water-efficient fixtures and appliances the country would save three trillion gallons of water and 18 billion dollars per year. Your plumber in Mokena is here to give you some tips on how to be a little greener. According to Green Spotlight, here are some easy changes to make.

  • High Efficiency, Water Saving Toilets

    • Toilets are often the source of the most water use (and water wasting) within a home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. If you have a toilet(s) that uses more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf) as do almost all toilets installed before 1994  it is time to replace it.

  • Showerheads

    • Showering accounts for up to 20 percent of the average household’s indoor water use. You can cut your shower water use by as much as 70 percent by switching to an ultra-low-flow showerhead, which is easy to do. And unlike days of yore, many of today’s models of high-efficiency showerheads will give you a good strong shower stream.

    • Using ultra-low-flow showerheads will also save you money on your energy bills, by reducing the demand on your water heater. According to the WaterSense program, a household could save 300-kilowatt hours of electricity annually, enough to power its television use for about a year.

  • Faucets

    • Replace them or add a water restricting flow saver to the existing faucets.

Let us help you save the environment with better plumbing products that you can feel good about.