An RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) is an extremely important component of your plumbing system. RPZs protect your water supply from contamination by preventing water backflow. Backflow occurs when your water pressure suddenly drops. The drop in pressure creates a vacuum that sucks water backwards, in the wrong direction, drawing grey water, sewage and other contaminants into your drinking water supply. A sudden pressure drop can be caused by a burst water main, heavy water use in a centralized location, or pipe leaks.

The most common (and dangerous) source of backflow in your home is from your in-ground sprinkler system. If you dose your lawn or garden with fertilizers and/or pesticides, these contaminants can be sucked into your water supply if you do not have an RPZ in place. As you can imagine, drinking polluted water like this can lead to numerous health problems and in some cases, even death.

An RPZ is essential for any big business, and most cities even have backflow prevention system requirements. It is important to have your RPZ inspected every year. We also recommend having your RPZ replaced once every few years.

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